Guard Tour Patrol System BP2002

Guard Tour Patrol System BP2002

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Product Features
1. Automatic RFID tag reading
2. Impact resistant and water-proof
3. Large and reliable memory
4. Wireless data uploading
5. Ultra-low power consumption
6. User self-replaceable battery

Product Name: Inductive Guard Tour Reader
Product Type: BP-2002
Product Specifications:
Memory: 30,719 reading records
Power Consumption: standby current 0.06 mA
Battery Life: more than 1 year(200 readings/day in average)
Reading Distance: 2-5 cm
Communication Mode: wireless communication
Working Temperature: -20℃~70℃
Working Humidity: 0~95℅
Dimension: 120x35x26mm
Weight: 140g±10g
Battery: CR123A Li battery

Informasi detil silangkan menghungi kami di Telp/WA/Telegram 0811-816-3494


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